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Today is Saturday, February 28, 2015 Tbilisi Time 02:36

Prices as of Saturday, February 28, 2015 ABIO=0.100 AEST=1.000 AGAR=0.500 AGVQ=1.000 AKAT=2.000 AMA=0.050 AMCE=0.050 ANDZ=0.890 AROK=0.250 AVSH=1.820 AVSV=2.500 AVTS=0.500 BAGR=1.200 BAKH=8.000 BAKS=0.500 BANA=0.300 BANK=0.013 BCSM=1.820 BMIN=2.044 BMSH=0.170 BSK=100.000 CHAR=0.700 CHMN=1.000 CICL=0.600 CIRK=0.500 CSM=2.000 DAMK=3.500 DILA=0.250 EGR=1.000 EIZO=1.000 EKR=2.316 EKRL=0.100 ELAV=1.705 ELDZ=1.000 ELSH=0.002 ELTQ=1.650 ENIS=6.430 ERT=0.100 ETSH=1.850 FERO=0.100 GEB=35.000 GGAS=0.100 GIT=0.170 GLDN=1.900 GLT=0.100 GR92=1.400 GRDM=0.080 GREI=69.600 GTC=0.100 HAJR=5.500 HIVR=1.350 HRUS=0.300 IAD=10.200 IBTQ=1.600 IMER=0.300 IMRT=0.200 IN21=0.300 IND =0.100 ISKA=0.150 ISSV=0.150 IVRK=0.150 JANM=1.000 KAMV=5.486 KAPM=1.800 KARA=0.290 KART=0.010 KASR=0.100 KAVT=0.001 KAZB=0.150 KCEM=0.260 KCON=0.100 KGAS=0.100 KH75=0.250 KHID=0.300 KHIR=0.050 KHMT=0.050 KINT=0.320 KKOL=0.296 KMT=0.200 KR99=9.150 KRB2=0.025 KRIS=0.400 KRPU=8.000 KRT1=1.000 KSK=0.100 KTS=0.050 KTST=1.000 KV1=5.000 LIKN=0.010 LINO=0.020 LINV=2.000 LOFO=0.470 MACN=6.000 MAGM=0.170 MAM=0.210 MASP=1.000 MATE=1.820 MAUD=1.000 ME92=1.000 MEDE=2.150 MERC=0.200 MESX=0.100 MET=0.650 MPUR=0.340 MTIK=0.010 NATT=0.200 NINO=2.000 NRGY=0.850 OQSA=0.300 ORBT=3.600 OXIN=4.360 PERL=0.350 PIRM=0.200 PLAS=0.300 PMSH=0.046 POGM=1.718 POL=0.500 POTE=0.001 PTTS=1.650 QASH=0.800 REAQ=4.280 RUCE=1.100 RUGA=0.300 SAAM=0.471 SAM=0.050 SAMG=1.000 SAMT=0.771 SAQK=1.311 SAS=0.150 SAV1=18.000 SEM=0.200 SGUM=0.020 SKRC=1.480 SKTR=0.100 SLAD=0.600 SMEG=0.010 SMEL=2.500 SMSH=0.302 SMT2=0.020 SMTO=0.500 SOG=0.100 SOPM=0.100 SQMP=0.100 SSBS=125.000 SSM=5.000 STLM=0.500 STP=20.000 STSP=8.650 TABR=1.500 TBEA=0.500 TBGV=3.700 TBIL=0.100 TBMM=0.100 TEPU=0.250 TKH=0.500 TLN=1.200 TMFF=0.250 TOLI=0.100 TOPO=0.300 TPU4=6.325 TQF=0.290 TQFF=1.622 TRAL=0.001 TRM=1.000 TRMS=1.500 TRQT=1.000 TSIF=0.665 TSK1=1.000 TTFQ=1.000 TUSB=350.000 UGB =0.100 UNSE=0.300 UNVR=1.820 UQQS=0.060 UTB=18.400 UTC=0.170 VAZI=2.000 VERE=43.350 WINE=0.250

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Trade Report 2014 (in Geo)

Last Trading Day Report - Friday, February 27, 2015

Last #38(1911) session on GSE was held on Friday, February 27, 2015. 4 brokerage companies participated in trading session.

Total number of trades concluded: 0
Total volume of trades (securities):
Total value of trades (GEL):

Session 1

Session 2*

*At this session all or none type of bids are permitted.

Best bid/offer:

Ticker Best Bid Best Ask Ticker Best Bid Best Ask Ticker Best Bid Best Ask
BANK 0.01 0.0139 GEB 35 37 GTC 0.1 0.14
NRGY 0.85 1 STSP 4 WINE 0.2 0.25

Securities with $ sign are traded and quoted in USD.

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Exchange rate as of 27/2/2015 (powered by National Bank of Georgia): USD 1=2.2494 GEL
Next #39(1912) session will be held on 28/2/2015.
Trading on the Georgian Stock Exchange occurs daily from 11:30 to 11:50 (USD session) and from 13:00 to 15:00 (GEL sessions).

GSE Index (GSX)

Index Value Change
GSX 92.70 -3.00 %
As of 27/2/2015

  Bank of Georgia    Galt&Taggart   TBCBroker    Cartu Broker    Caucasus Capital   
OTC Market

On November 03, 2014 was held fixing of next shares:

Ticker Trades Date Price Volume (securities) Value (USD)
$GLC01H 1 03/11/2014 1016.54 1000 1016540


On January 29, 2014 was held fixing of next shares:

Ticker Trades Date Price Volume (securities) Value (GEL)
BANK 1 29/01/2014 0.015 6296895 94453.43

Issuers' News

On February 10, 2015 shares of "United Telecom"were delisted


From 12 November 2014 shares of JSC “Teliani Valley” were re-admitted to B listing.


From 30 October 2014 LLC “Georgian Leasing Company's” Bonds are admitted to GSE's trading system and the B category listing. In addition, these bonds were given the ticker "$GLC01H".


On May 1, 2014 shares of "Tbilabreshumi-Tsisartkela"were delisted

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